Moataz Salah Founder, CyberTalent

Moataz Salah is a cyber security expert with 12 years of experience . He is the founder of CyberTalents, a platform for top talented cyber security professionals. CyberTalents is an on demand cyber security platform that enables companies with different levels to keep their business secure. CyberTalents helped many startups in the region including SWVL, Almentor, Shezlong and many others to secure their apps. In 2010, Moataz founded the most valuable cyber security conference in Egypt, Cairo Security Camp, since the launch and till now it is the must attend conference for all cyber security Community.Moataz focuses on building the cyber security awareness culture in the Arab community through his conference, competitions, boot camps with a clear objective to discover young cyber security talents in this part of the world through his platform

Before launching CyberTalents, Moataz has been working for a couple of international companies including Intel and Valeo after being graduated from the faculty of engineering, Communication department, Alexandria university.

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