Jordan Santarsieri Founder, Vicxer

Mr Santarsieri is the founder of Vicxer (a company that specializes in ERP security) where he utilizes his 12+ years of experience in the security industry to bring top notch research into the ERP (SAP / Oracle) world. He is engaged in a daily efort to identify, analyze, exploit and mitigate vulnerabilities afecting ERP systems and business-critical applications, helping Vicxer’s customers (Global Fortune-500 companies and defense contractors) to stay one step ahead of cyber-threats. Jordan has also discovered critical vulnerabilities in Oracle and SAP software, and is a frequent speaker at international security conferences such as Black-Hat, Insomnihack, Hacker Halted, OWASP US, Sec-T, YSTS, 8dot8 and Ekoparty.

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