Back On The Chain Gang: Blockchain, Public Chain and Contract Security

The blockchain is not perfect, and security threats are one of the most important issues. As its economic value continues to rise, attackers have used various means of attack to profit.

This presentation will introduce the attack methods discovered by our team including the Ethereum Geth node Dos, EOS node attack, smart contract call injection attack, integer overflows and other attacks.

We will show in detail how we found these vulns, the methods used, what functions are tracked, the tools used, etc. Each of these vulnerabilities are very interesting and to the best of our knowledge, this presentation will be the first to release a 2018 blockchain security white paper.

What will the audience gain by attending the presentation?

1.) The audit contract ideas.
2.) The BlockChain public chain attack method.
3.) The current attack trend of the blockchain through the white paper.


1.) There will be video demosย  so it’s easier to understand
2.) We will have detailed code for each vulnerability.
3.) We will also introduce some open source tools to help researchers.

Location: Date: November 28, 2018 Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Li Jiafeng Yang Changcheng