Victor van der Veen PhD Candidate, VUSec Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Victor is a PhD candidate in the VUSec group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where he also obtained his MSc. degree in Computer Science. He is under the supervision of dr. Cristiano Giuffrida and prof. dr. ir. Herbert Bos.

Victor’s research focuses on – but is not limited to – malware on smartphones and is part of the Dutch-American Project Arrangement about cooperative research and development on cybersecurity. This means that he spent some time at the University of California Santa Barbara, where he was advised by prof. dr. Christopher Kruegel and prof. dr. Giovanni Vigna. Besides mobile malware, he is interested in (low-level) system topics that enhance system security, as well as reverse engineering and analyzing malicious code. Aside from doing research on these topics, he also enjoys implementing related features in real systems.

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