Trammell Hudson VP, Two Sigma Investments

Over the past thirteen years I’ve written low-level operating systems, device drivers and message passing libraries for some of the fastest supercomputers on the Top 500. During this time I have worked with scientists in a variety of fields to port their C, C++ and FORTRAN codes to these machines to enable them to meet the Grand Challenges of our national strategic defense. I have also worked with life scientists on the building the large scale compute clusters that allowed the first sequencing of the human genome.

I have also written new firmware for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II to make it more useful for independent film makers. This Free Software has been downloaded several thousand times and provides features to make the camera into an open digital 35mm cinematography platform.

Specialties: High performance computing, message passing libraries, embedded devices, device drivers, flight control, reverse engineering, independent film.

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