Martin Knobloch Principal Consultant, Nixu BeNeLux

Martin is Principal Consultant at Nixu BeNeLux ( His main working area is (software) security in general, from awareness to implementation. In his daily work, he is responsible for education in application security matters, advise and implementation of application security measures.

With his background in Java Development, he understands the complexity of Enterprise software development, Agile Scrum environments and continuous delivery / deployment.Martin got involved in OWASP in 2006. He became a member of the OWASP Netherland Chapter <> board in 2007. He has contributed to several OWASP projects and is co-organizer of the OWASP BeNeLux-Day <> conference since 2008. Martin has been chair of the Global Education
Committee from 2008 until the ending of the Global Committees. Futher, Martin is the conference chair of the OWASP AppSec-Eu/Research 2015 <> conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and involved in the AppSec-Eu 2016 among other activities as CfT Co-Chair.

Martin is a frequent speaker at universities, hacker spaces and various conferences.

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