The Call for Papers for HITB2015AMS is currently running. Got a brand new tool, methodology or exploit you think the world should know about? Submit!

HITBSecConf is a deep knowledge technical conference and we are looking for talks that are not only highly technical, but more importantly, material and tools that are new and fresh.

In short, show us your 0days!

 Final Submission Deadline: 1st March 2015

Talks will be selected in two rounds – the first batch of selected talks will be announced in the first week of February, so do not delay submitting.

Each accepted submission will entitle the speaker(s) to accommodation for 3 nights / 4 days  and travel reimbursement up to EUR1200.00 per speaking slot.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

TECHNICAL WHITE PAPER: If your presentation is short listed for inclusion into the conference program, a technical white paper must also be provided for review (3000 – 5000 words). These white papers will subsequently be published in HITB Magazine

Your submissions will be reviewed by The HITB CFP Review Committee:

Charlie Miller, Twitter
Katie Moussouris, Chief Policy Officer, HackerOne
Marco Balduzzi, Lead Research Scientist, Trend Micro
Itzik Kotler, Chief Technology Officer, Security Art
Cesar Cerrudo, Chief Technology Officer, IOActive
Jeremiah Grossman, Founder, Whitehat Security
Andrew Cushman, Senior Director, Microsoft
Saumil Shah, Founder CEO Net-Square
Thanh ‘RD’ Nguyen, THC, VNSECURITY
Alexander Kornburst, Red Database
Fredric Raynal, QuarksLab
Shreeraj Shah, Founder, BlueInfy
Emmanuel Gadaix, Founder, TSTF
Andrea Barisani, Inverse Path
Philippe Langlois, TSTF
Ed Skoudis, InGuardians
Haroon Meer, Thinkst
Chris Evans, Google
Raoul Chiesa, TSTF/ISECOM
rsnake, SecTheory
Gal Diskin, Intel
Skyper, THC

 We do not accept vendor related pitches and presentations

If you would like to showcase your company’s products or technology please email

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