Corey Kallenberg

Corey Kallenberg is a co-founder of LegbaCore, a consultancy focused on evaluating and improving host security at the lowest levels. His specialty areas are trusted computing, vulnerability research and low level development. In particular, Corey has spent several years using his vulnerability research expertise to evaluate limitations in current trusted computing implementations. In addition, he has used his development experience to create and improve upon trusted computing applications. Among these are a timing based attestation agent designed to improve firmware integrity reporting, and an open source Trusted Platform Module driver for Windows. Corey is also an experienced trainer, having created and delivered technical courses for, as well as private customers. He is an internationally recognized speaker who has presented at BlackHat USA, DEFCON, CanSecWest, HITB KUL/AMS, NoSuchCon, SyScan, EkoParty and Ruxcon.

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