Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran (@l33tdawg on Twitter) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hack in The Box.

Prior to quitting his day job to lead the HITB team on crazy adventures around the world, Dhillon started off at the height of the dotcom craze as a technology journalist with PC World, ZDnet, MIS Asia and CNet. When the bubble burst, he moved on to a Malaysian telco as Chief IT Officer to spend his days in the world of Cisco AS5300s, in a land of packet switched networks at a time when Asterisk did not just mean ‘*’

Today, he spends his days surrounded by emails, spearheading all of HITB’s strategic efforts and driving the HITB team crazy… And for 3 months each year, he cycles as much of The Netherlands as he can.

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