Final Call to Register!

We are LESS THAN 2 WEEKS away from #HITB2014KUL, the 12th and FINAL HITB Security Conference to be held in Malaysia! If you haven’t registered there’s still time to do so.


There’s a ton of new content and presentations lined up for you over the 2-day period and the following are some we think you might find interesting:

Bitcoin & Forensics

Exploiting ECDSA Failures in the Bitcoin Blockchain – Filippo Valsorda

HITB LAB: You Forgot Your Wallet! Tracing Bits of Coins in Disk and Memory – Cem Gurkok

Privacy & Social Networking

Image Hoster Diving: Examining the Web’s Dumpster – Paul S. Ziegler

How a Helpful Man-in-the-Middle Can Help You Evade Monitoring – Ryan Lackey and Marc Rogers

Intelligence & Operational Security

OPSEC for the Age of EGOTISTICAL GIRAFFE – The Grugq

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Sock Puppetry for Fun & Profit – Haroon Meer, Marco Slaviero and Azhar Desai

Mobile and Wireless Security

Breaking “Secure” Mobile Applications – Dominic Chell

A Pyrotechnic Composition: Fireworks, Embedded Wireless and Insecurity-by-Design – Andrei Costin

TackyDroid: Pentesting Android in Style – Chris Liu and Matthew Lionetti


You can check out the full agenda here:  See you guys in less than 2 weeks!